1. Sudassana. The city of birth of Sumedha Buddha. J.i.37, 38; Bu.xii.18.

2. Sudassana. A monastery in Rammanagam where Dīpankara Buddha lived. J.i.11; DhA.i.69.

3. Sudassana. Younger brother and Aggasāvaka of Sujāta Buddha. J.i.38; Bu.xiii.25; BuA.169.

4. Sudassana. A park, at the gates of which Sujāta Buddha performed his Twin Miracle (BuA.168) before going to Tusita.

5. Sudassana. The horse ridden by Atthadassī Buddha when he left the world. BuA.178.

6. Sudassana. The city where Atthadassī Buddha preached to the Bodhisatta. BuA.180.

7. Sudassana. Father of Piyadassī Buddha (BuA.172); but see Sudatta (9).

8. Sudassana. A palace occupied by Dhammadassī Buddha (Bu.xvi.14; BuA.182) in his last lay life; from this palace he left the world.

9. Sudassana. A pleasance in Subhavatī where Anomadassī Buddha preached his first sermon. BuA.143.

10. Sudassana. A city where Sobhita Buddha performed his Yamaka-pātihāriya under the cittapātali; King Jayasena built for him there a vihāra one league in extent. BuA.138.

11. Sudassana. The city in which Nārada Buddha died. Bu.x.33.

12. Sudassana. A palace occupied by Revata Buddha before his renunciation. Bu.vi.17.

13. Sudassana. A palace in Renuvatī occupied by Vimala (7). Ap.i.61.

14. Sudassana. A deva king of Sudassana-pabbata who was a heretic. Piyadassī Buddha visited him, refuted his views, and converted him with his ninety crores of followers. Bu.xiv.4f.; BuA.173.

15. Sudassana. A setthi whose daughter gave a meal of milk rice to Vipassī Buddha.  BuA.195.

16. Sudassana. A nigama where the daughter of Piyadassī-setthi gave milk rice to Sikhī Buddha. BuA.201.

17. Sudassana. A king of Sarabbavati. He was the Bodhisatta in the time of Vessabhū Buddha. He later renounced his kingdom and became a monk. Bu.xxii.11; BuA.207; J.i.42.

18. Sudassana. A city near Isipatana where Konāgamana Buddha preached (BuA.214). Sudassana was an old name for Benares. See J.iv.119; v.177.

19. Sudassana. A king of seventy one kappas ago; a previous birth of Ekasankhiya Thera. Ap.ii.391.

20. Sudassana. One of the disciples of Padumuttara Buddha. He was declared eminent among those who possessed Luck. It was his example which inspired Sīvalī to wish for similar honour. Ap.ii.493.

21. Sudassana. A park keeper of Dhaññavatī; he gave grass to Nārada Buddha for his seat. BuA.151.

22. Sudassana. Thirty four kappas ago there were four kings of this name, previous births of Madhupindika Thera. Ap.i.137.

23. Sudassana. A garland maker of Hamsavatī. He gave a jasmine garland to Padumuttara Buddha. He was a former birth of Mutthipupphiya Thera. Ap.i.142; cf. ThagA.i.127.

24. Sudassana. A Pacceka Buddha of thirty one kappas ago. Kutajapupphiya (Hārita) (Ap.i.451; ThagA.i.87f.; cf. M.iii.69,87) and Candana Thera (ThagA.i.395) met him in Cāvala-(Vassala-)pabbata and paid him homage.

25. Sudassana. A Nāga-rāja, son of Dhatarattha. He was brother to Bhūridatta. See the Bhūridatta Jātaka. He is identified with Sāriputta. J.vi.219; see also J.iv.182.

26. Sudassana Thera (Ap.i.164f). Evidently another name for Ugga Thera. ThagA.i.174f.

27. Sudassana. A vihāra built by the rājā of Sīlavatī as an offering to Bandhura Thera. ThagA.i.208f.

28. Sudassana. Nephew of Pasenadi. The Buddha taught him a stanza to recite whenever Pasenadi sat down to a meal, in order that the king might observe moderation in eating. For this service Pasenadi paid him one hundred kahāpanas a day. S.i.82; DhA.iii.264f. This story is also given at ibid., iv.15f., but there the nephew is called Uttara.

29. Sudassana, called Sudassana kūta, Sudassanagiri, Sudassanasiluccaya. The first of the five mountain ranges surrounding Anotatta. It is of a golden colour, two hundred leagues in height, and bent inwards like a crow's beak (SNA.ii.437; cf. 443; AA.ii.759; J.vi.125). Dīpankara Buddha held an assembly of his monks there. Bu.ii.200.

30. Sudassana. The personal attendant of Piyadassī Buddha. ThagA.i.230.

31. Sudassana. A king of the dynasty of Mahāsammata. Mhv.ii.5; Dpv.iii.7.

32. Sudassana. The name given to the city of the gods (devanagara). J.ii.114; BuA.67, etc.

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