Sikhī. The twentieth of the twenty four Buddhas.

The Bodhisatta was Arindama, king of Paribhutta. Abhibhū and Sambhava were his chief disciples among monks, and Akhilā (Makhilā) and Padumā among nuns.

(Bu.xxi.; BuA.201ff.; cf. D.ii.7; iii.195f.; J.i.41, 94; DhA.i.69; S.ii.9; Dvy.333).

Sikhī Buddha held the Pātimokkha ceremony only once in six years (DhA.iii.236; cf. Sp.i.191).

For a visit paid by him to the Brahma world see Abhibhū. His name also occurs in the Arunavatī Paritta (q.v.).

Sikhī Sutta. The process by which Sikhī Buddha, like the other Buddhas, reached Enlightenment. S.iii.9.

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