Son of the setthi of Sīlavatī. Having gone to Sāvatthi on business and heard the Buddha preach, he entered the Order, winning arahantship in due course. He later returned to Silāvatī and preached to the king, who became a convert, and built for him a vihāra called Sudassana and paid him great honour. Bandhura gave the vihāra to the monks and returned to Sāvatthi, saying that he had no need of possessions.

In the time of Siddhattha Buddha he was a watchman in the king's palace and offered kanavera flowers to the Buddha and his monks. Thag.vs.103; ThagA.207f.

He is probably identical with Kanaverapupphiya of the Apadāna (Ap.i.182). v.l. Sandhaya, Sandhava.

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