1. Vimala. One of the four friends of Yasa who, following the latter's example, joined the Order and attained arahantship. Vin.i.18f.

2. Vimala Thera. He belonged to a rich family of Rājagaha and received his name because he was born free of all dirt. Much impressed by the majesty of the Buddha when the latter visited Rājagaha, Vimala entered the Order, and lived in a mountain cave in Kosala. One day a vast cloud spread over the sky; rain fell, allaying the heat and discomfort, and Vimala, concentrating his mind, attained arahantship.

He belonged to a family of conch blowers in the time of Vipassī Buddha, and one day honoured the Buddha by playing on his conch shell. He bathed the Bodhi tree of Kassapa Buddha with fragrant water and washed the seats and the clothes of holy monks. Twenty four kappas ago he was king six times, under the name of Mahānigghosa. ThagA.i.121f; his Udāna verse is included in Thag.vs.50.

3. Vimala Thera. He was born in a brahmin family of Benares and entered the Order under Somamitta Thera, who encouraged him to attain arahantship. In the story of Somamitta, however, Vimala is said to have been his teacher. For details see Somamitta. In the days of Padumuttara Buddha he was a householder, and, when the Buddha's body was being carried to the pyre for cremation, amidst impressive celebrations, he offered sumana flowers in his honour. ThagA.i.377; three verses ascribed to him occur in Thag.vs.264-6.

4. Vimala. A Pacceka Buddha. M.iii.70; ApA.i.107.

5. Vimala. One of the palaces of Piyadassī Buddha before his renunciation. Bu.xiv.16.

6. Vimala. A king of sixty one kappas ago, a former birth of Udakadāyaka (Sānu) Thera. Ap.i.205; ThagA.i.115.

7. Vimala. A king of twenty one kappas ago who lived in the palace Suddassana in Renuvatī. He was a former birth of Rāhula. Ap.i.61.

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