1. Renu. Son and successor of King Disampati. On the death of his father Renu, with the advice and co operation of his chief steward (Mahāgovinda) Jotipāla, who was also his great friend, divided his kingdom into seven parts and shared it with his friends -  Sattabhu, Brahmadatta, Vessabhu, Bharata, and the two Dhataratthas.

The seven divisions of the kingdom were called Kalinga, Assaka, Avanti, Sovīra, Videha, Anga and Kāsi; their capitals were, respectively, Dantapura, Potana, Māhissatī, Roruka, Mithilā, Campā and Bārānasī.

Renu himself occupied the central kingdom. A ii.228 36; Renu probably reigned in Benares, though the account given in the Mahāgovinda Sutta does not make it clear which was his kingdom; see Dial.ii.270 n.; also Mtu.iii.197 209; and Renu (2).

2. Renu. Son of Disampati, king of Benares (Dpv.iii.40; MT. 130). He is probably identical with Renu (1).

3. Renu. King of Uttarapañcāla, the capital of the Kurus. He was the father of Somanassa. For details see the Somanassa Jātaka. J.iv.444ff.

4. Renu. A king of forty five kappas ago, a previous birth of Vajjiputta (Renupūjaka) Thera. ThagA.i.143=Ap.i.146.

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