1. Bharata. A sage of old who, as a result of living the holy life, was born in the Brahma world. J.vi.99.

2. Bharata. The Bodhisatta born as the king of Roruva and husband of Samuddavijayā. For his story see the āditta Jātaka. J.iii.470 ff.

3. Bharata. A hunter who brought from the Himālaya the chief of a herd of monkeys whose cry was one of the noises mentioned in the Atthasadda Jātaka (q.v.). J.iii.432.

4. Bharata Thera. He was a householder of Campā, and, having heard that Sona Kolivisa had left the world, he, too, with his brother, Nandaka, entered the Order, soon afterwards becoming an arahant. Later, he helped his more slow witted brother to obtain insight.

In the past Bharata gave to Anomadassi Buddha a pair of comfortable and very beautiful sandals. Thag.vss.175, 176; ThagA.i.300f.

5. Bharata. King of the Sovīras in the time of Renu. His capital was in Roruva. D.ii.235f.

6. Bharata. A king of Benares, belonging to the dynasty of Okkāka. He was the father of Dasaratha (q.v.). MT. 130.

7. Bharata. A scion of the Mahāsammata race and son of Sāgaradeva. He was the father of Angīrasa. Mhv.ii.4; Dpv.iii.6.

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