Capital of the Kālinga country, reigned over by King Sattabhu, contemporary with Renu (D.ii.235f).

Other kings mentioned are Nālikīra (J.v.144) and Karandu (J.iii.376ff).

The city is mentioned also in the Kurudhamma Jātaka (Also DhA.iv.89; see also Mtu.iii.361, 364), the Cullakālinga Jātaka, and the Kālingabodhi Jātaka.

The left eye-tooth of the Buddha was in Dantapura until taken to Ceylon by Dantākumāra. It had been handed over by Khema Thera (Dāthavamsa ii.52, 57; for its identification see CAGI.593) to Brahmadatta, king of Dantapura.

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