A country mentioned in the Mahāgovinda Sutta (D.ii.235), and again in the Aditta Jātaka (J.iii.470; cf. Mil.359, where it is mentioned as a place to be visited by sea).

In the time of King Renu, Bharata was king of Sovīra, and Roruka was its capital.

Cunningham identifies Sovīra with Eder, a district in the province of Gujarat, at the head of the gulf of Cambay. (Anct. Geog. of India, p.569f.; he identifies Sauvīra with Sophir or Ophir; cf. Hopkins, Great Epic, 373, 474.).

The compound Sindhu-Sovīra (E.g., VvA.332) suggests that Sovīra was situated between the Indus and the Jhelum.

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