1. Sumitta. An Ajīvaka who gave grass for his seat to Padumuttara Buddha. BuA.158.

2. Sumitta. Son of Sumedha Buddha in his last lay life. Bu.xii.20; BuA.160 calls him Punabbasumitta.

3. Sumitta. Brother of Sambahula and king of Amaranagara; he entered the Order and became the aggasāvaka of Siddhattha Buddha. Bu.xvii.18; J.i.40; BuA.186.

4. Sumitta. A king of one hundred and thirty kappas ago; a previous birth of Nāgita (Atthasandassaka) Thera (ThagA.i.184; Ap.i.168). See Sukhitta.

5. Sumitta. A sage of Kāsī, a former birth of Mahā Kassapa; his wife was Bhaddā Kāpilānī. Ap.ii.582.

6. Sumitta. Younger brother of Vijaya and son of Sīhabāhu. His wife, Cittā, was the daughter of the Madda King. He reigned in Sīhapura, and was invited by Vijaya to Ceylon to succeed to the throne; but he sent, instead, his son Panduvāsudeva. He had two other sons. Mhv.vi.38; viii.2, 6, 10.

7. Sumitta Thera. He was the younger son of Kuntikinnarī. He was ordained, with his brother Tissa, by Mahāvaruna and attained to arahantship. Tissa died from the bite of a venomous insect because it proved impossible to get any ghee, though Sumitta went about seeking for some. Sumitta died, while walking in meditation in the Cankama-hall, in the eighth year of Asoka's reign. Mhv.v.213-27.

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