1. Vijaya. The first Ariyan king of Ceylon. He was the eldest of the thirty two sons of Sīhabāhu, king of Lāla, and of Sīhasīvalī. Because of his evil conduct he, with seven hundred others, was deported by the king, with their heads half shaved. Their wives and children were deported with them. The children landed at Naggadīpa and the women at Mahilādīpaka (MT. 264). Vijaya and the other men landed at Suppāraka, but was obliged to leave owing to the violence of his supporters.

According to Dpv.ix.26, Vijaya went from Suppāraka to Bhārukaccha, where he stayed for three months. They reached Ceylon on the day of the Buddha's death, received the protection of the deva Uppalavanda, and thus escaped destruction by the Yakkhas. The Yakkhinī, Kuvenī, fell in love with Vijaya, and he, with her assistance, killed the Yakkhas of Lankāpura and Sirīsavatthu, and founded the city of Tambapanni. Vijaya's chief ministers, Anurādha, Upatissa, Ujjena, Uruvela and Vijita, founded separate colonies, named after themselves.

Vijaya had two children by Kuvenī, Jīvahattha and Dīpellā; but when he wished to be consecrated king, he sent for and obtained, for his wife, a daughter of the Pandu king of Madhurā. Kuvenī, thereupon, left him and was killed by the Yakkhas. Vijaya reigned for thirty eight years and was succeeded by Panduvāsudeva. For details of Vijaya's life, see Mhv.vi.38ff.; vii.6ff.; viii.1 3; Dpv.ix.6ff.

Ajātasattu and Vijaya were contemporaries, Ajātasattu’s twenty fourth year of kingship corresponding to Vijaya's sixteenth year. Dpv.iv.27; v.77.

2. Vijaya. See Vijayakumāra.

3. Vijaya. Minister of Angati, king of Videha. For details see the Mahānāradakassapa Jātaka. He is identified with Sāriputta. J.vi.255.

4. Vijaya. A king of Benares, descended from Mahāsammata. His son was Vijitasena. Dpv.iii.39.

5. Vijaya. A householder, mentioned as an exemplary layman. A.iii.451.

6. Vijaya Thera. He was born in Sāvatthi and was versed in brahmin lore. Then he became an ascetic and lived in the forest. Having heard of the Buddha, Vijaya visited him and joined the Order, becoming an arahant in due course. In the time of Piyadassī Buddha he was a rich householder and built a jewelled cornice (vedikā) round the Buddha's thūpa. Sixteen kappas ago he became king thirty six times, under the name of Manippabhāsa (Thag. vs. 92; ThagA.i.191f). He is probably identical with Vedikāraka Thera of the Apadāna. Ap.i.171.

7. Vijaya. Mentioned with Jātimitta, as a patron of Meteyya Buddha. Anāgat. vs. 59.

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