1. Cittā.-One of the four wives of Māgha. Māgha and his companions erected a hall, and Cittā had a flower garden laid out close by wherein she grew every kind of flowering tree, shrub and creeper. As a result she was reborn in Tāvatimsa as Sakka's consort, and the Cittalatāvana came into being for her pleasure. DhA.i.269f; J.i.201f.

2. Cittā.-A Therī. She was the daughter of a leading citizen of Rājagaha. Hearing the Buddha preach, she entered the Order under Pajāpatī Gotamī. In her old age she went to Gijjhakūta and there, after meditation, she attained arahantship.

Ninety-four kappas ago she was a kinnarā on the bank of the Canda-bhāgā and there offered flowers to a Pacceka Buddha (Thig.vs.27f.; ThigA.33f). She is probably identical with Nalamālikā of the Apadāna (ii.528f).

3. Cittā.-One of the five queens of Okkāka. DA.i.278; SNA.i.352; MT.131.

4. Cittā.-See Ummāda-Cittā.

5. Cittā.-One of the chief lay women supporters of Sobhita Buddha. Bu.vii.23.

6. Cittā.-A laywoman who was among the chief supporters of Sikhī Buddha. Bu.xxi.22.

7. Cittā.-Daughter of the Madda king and wife of Sumitta, son of Sīhabāhu. MT.269; Mhv.viii.7.

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