1. Ghata Jātaka (No.355).-The story of Ghatakumāra. It was related in reference to a minister of the Kosala king. He had been the king's favourite, but then, influenced by slanderers, the king cast him into prison, where he entered the First Path. When he was released he visited the Buddha, who told him the Jātaka story.

Ananda is identified with King Vanka of the Jātaka. J.iii.168ff

2. Ghata Jātaka (No.454).-The story of the Andhakavenhudāsa-putta and of the manner in which Ghatapandita assuaged the grief of his brother, Vāsudeva. The introductory story resembles that of the Matthakundali Jātaka.

Rohineyya is identified with Ananda and Vāsudeva with Sāriputta (J.iv.79ff).

This Jātaka perhaps influenced the story of Ummādacittā found in the Mahavamsa (ix.13); for its connection with the Harivamsa, see ZDMG.53, 25ff.

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