1. Ghata (also called Ghatakumāra). The Bodhisatta, born as the king of Benares. One of his ministers misconducted himself in the royal harem and the king, catching him in the act, banished him. The minister took service with Vanka, king of Sāvatthi, and persuaded him to attack Benares. Ghata was captured and thrown into prison, where he entered into ecstatic meditation. But Vanka was seized by a burning sensation, and he ordered the release of Ghata and the restoration of his kingdom. J.iii.168f; cf. Ekarāja.

2. Ghata (also called Ghatapandita).-The Bodhisatta, born as the ninth of the ten Andhakavenhudāsaputtā. When a son of his brother, Vāsudeva, died, Vāsudeva lamented beyond all measure, and Ghata, wishing to cure him, feigned madness and went about Dvāravatī asking for the hare in the moon. When Vāsudeva heard of this from his courtier Rohineyya, he hastened to Ghata and argued with him about the ridiculousness of his quest. The plan succeeded and Vāsudeva was cured of his grief. J.iv.81, 84ff; Pv.ii.6; PvA.93f.

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