The great Chronicle of Ceylon.

The first part of the work -  i.e., to the time of King Mahāsena -  is attributed to Mahānāma Thera (MT.687).

The continuation of the Chronicle is called the Cūlavamsa. The first portion of the Cūlavamsa -  i.e., from Mahāsena to the reign of Parakkamabāhu II. -  is traditionally ascribed to a thera named Dhammarakkhita (Cv. Trs.ii.155, n.3).

The next section -  i.e., to the time of Kittisiri Rājasīha - was written by Tibbatuvāve Thera, Mahānāyaka of Pupphārāma, at the invitation of the king, who obtained for him copies of the Chronicle from Siam (Cv.xcix.78f; Cv.Trs.ii.263, n.1). From there it was continued till the time of the British occupation (1815 A.C.) by Hikkaduve Sumangala Thera (P.L.C.310).

There is a Commentary on the Mahāvamsa called the Vamsatthappakāsinī (q.v.).

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