1. Assagutta Thera.-A dweller in the Vattaniya hermitage. Nāgasena's teacher sent him to Assagutta to spend the rainy season with him. There was an old woman, a devout follower of the Faith, who had for thirty years or more looked after Assagutta; it was while preaching to her that Nāgasena became a Sotāpanna. She, too, became a sotāpanna (Mil.16).

When Nāgasena had completed his course, Assagutta sent him on to Pātaliputta to Dhammarakkhita. It was Assagutta who interceded with Sakka to persuade Mahāsena to leave the deva-world and be born in the world of men as Nagasena. He was evidently the leader of the Sangha at the time, for it was he who summoned an assembly at Yugandhara to discuss the danger caused by Milinda's controversies (Mil.6). In the Commentaries (DA.iii.779; AA.i.28; VibhA.272) he is quoted as an example of a kalyānamitta, full of compassion, association with whom leads to the destruction of ill-will.

2. Assagutta.-An arahant Thera of Vattaniya-senāsana who ordained Jarasāna.

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