1. Yugandhara. One of the mountains of the Himālaya (J.i.119, 232; iv.213; vi.125; DhA.i.249; Vsm.206). It forms the first of the seven ranges round Sineru (SNA, ii.443; but according to J.vi.125 it is the fourth range).

A Yugandharasāgara (e.g., J.i.64; vi.43) is also sometimes mentioned, and was probably a sea between Yugandhara and the next mountain range. When the Buddha reached Tāvatimsa in three strides, his first stride was from the earth to Yugandhara (DhA.iii.216).

It was on the summit of Yugandhara that Assagutta convened an assembly of the monks in order to discuss their plan of campaign against Milinda (Mil.p.6). The sun is mentioned as first rising over Yugandhara (E.g., SA.ii.165), hence the expression “Like the morning sun over Yugandhara.” E.g. PvA.137.

2. Yugandhara.-One of the chief Yakkhas to be invoked by the Buddha's followers in time of need. D.iii.205

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