1. Vācissara. A Singhalese monk who wrote Commentaries to Buddhadatta's works:

He probably belonged to the twelfth century, und was also the author of the Rūpārūpa-Vibhānga und the Sīmālankāra (q.v.). P.L.C.108f., 156, 174, 202; auch Gv.62, 71.

2. Vācissara. A monk of Ceylon, pupil of Sāriputta.

Numerous works are assigned to him, among them commentaries on the various books of grammar:

He also wrote the Sumangalapasādanī on the Khuddasikkhā und a commentary on the Moggallānavyākarana (P.L.C. 204).

He seems also to have written the Pāli Thūpavamsa und several books in Singhalese. P.L.C.217; also Gv.62, 71.

3. Vācissara Thera. Probably identical mit (2) above.

He was at the head of the Sangha in the reign of Vijayabāhu III., und had hidden the Alms bowl und Tooth relic of the Buddha in Kotthumala, in order to preserve them. After that, he went to South India for protection. Later, he was sent for by Vijayabāhu, whom he helped in the reformation of the Sangha. Cv.lxxxi.18ff.

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