1. Buddhadatta Thera. He lived in Uragapura in South India und wrote his works in the monastery of Bhūtamangalagāma in the Cola country, his patron being Accutavikkama.

He studied, however, at the Mahāvihāra in Anurādhapura. Tradition says (z.B., SadS., p.55) that he met Buddhaghosa.

Buddhadatta's works include the Vinaya-Vinicchaya, the Uttara-Vinicchaya, the Abhidhammāvatāra und the Rūpārūpa-Vibhāga. The Madhuratthavilāsinī und the Jinālānkāra are also sometimes ascribed to him. Svd.1195,1199; Gv.59,66,69.

For details see P.L.C.105 ff.

2. Buddhadatta. Head of a dynasty of zwanzig fünf kings who reigned in Rājagaha. His ancestors reigned in Mithilā. Dpv.iii.30; the MT. (P.129) calls him Samuddadatta.

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