The name of a brahmin clan (gotta).

The Samyutta Nikāya mentions a lady of the gotta living in Kāmandā, who was evidently a teacher. A pupil of hers (antevāsī māttavaka) having visited Udāyī, then staying in the Todeyya ambavana, told her of his excellences.

He was asked to invite Udāyī to a meal, and, when it was over, the teacher put on her sandals, sat on a high seat, and, with her head veiled, asked Udāyī to preach the doctrine. "A time will come for that, sister," he said, and went away. Three times this happened, and then she told her pupil. He pointed out to her her mistake in not showing respect for the Doctrine. The next time Udāyī came, she approached him after the meal with all humility and asked him what, according to the arahants, was the cause of weal and woe. "The existence of the senses," answered Udāyī; and she, expressing her satisfaction, declared herself a follower of Udāyī. S.iv.121f.

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