1. Todeyya.-A Mahāsāla brahmin, mentioned in a list of eminent brahmins gathered together at Icchanankala and Manasākata (D.i.235; Sn., p.115).

Buddhaghosa says (DA.ii.399; AA.ii.554) that his permanent residence was at Tudigāma; hence his name. He was, very probably, the father of Subha, who is called Todeyyaputta (MA.ii.802). Subha's father was, we know, chaplain to Pasenadi and, though exceedingly rich, was a great miser; after death he was born in his own house as a dog of whom Subha was very fond. When the Buddha visited Subha the dog barked, and the Buddha chided it, addressing it by the name of Todeyya. Subha was greatly offended but the Buddha proved the identity of the dog by getting him to show Subha some of his father's buried treasure. The dog was later born in hell (MA.ii.962f).

There was in Candalakappa a Mango-grove belonging to the Todeyyabrahmins (M.ii.210). A Todeyya-brāhmana was also the owner of the Mango-grove at Kāmandā (S.iv.121).

The Anguttara Nikāya (A.ii.180) mentions the pupils of the Todeyya-brahmin speaking ill of Eleyya because the latter followed the teachings of Rāmaputta.

2. Todeyya.-A disciple of Bāvarī (SN.vv.1006). He visited the Buddha, and his questions, with the answers given by the Buddha, are given in the Todeyya-mānava-pucchā (SN.vv.1088-91). He became an arahant (SNA.ii..597).

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