Vekhanassa visits the Buddha at Jetavana and argues about perfection. As in the Culla Sakuladāyī Suttas, the Buddha says that what Vekhanassa defines as perfection is merely a refinement of pleasure, and that only arahants can grasp the real meaning of perfection. Vekhanassa is annoyed, but the Buddha soothes him, and he becomes the Buddha's follower (M.ii.40ff).

In the sutta Vekhanassa is called Kaccāna. The Commentary (MA.ii.716) says that Vekhanassa visited the Buddha because he wished to discover for himself why his favourite pupil, Sakuludāyī, should have been defeated by the Buddha; he, therefore, travelled all the way from Rājagaha to Sāvatthi, a distance of forty five leagues, to see the Buddha.

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