Pañcakanga, on his way to the Buddha, visits the Paribbājaka Uggāhamāna at the Samayappavādaka in the Tindukācīra in the Mallikārāma.

Uggāhamāna tells him that, in his view, the triumphant recluse is he who does no evil, says and thinks no evil, and earns his living in no evil way. Pañcakanga reports this to the Buddha, who says that, according to Uggāhamāna, a tiny babe on its back would be such a recluse! No, says the Buddha, the triumphant recluse is one who is an adept in the Noble Eightfold Path and in utter knowledge and in utter deliverance, and he goes on to describe such a recluse in detail.

v.l. Samanamundikā. M.ii.22 9.

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