The Thapati (carpenter) of Pasenadi, king of Kosala. He was a devoted follower of the Buddha and loved discussion.

The Bahuvedanīya Sutta (M.i.396ff.; see also S.iv.223f) is based on a discussion between him and Mahā Udāyi, which discussion Ananda overheard and repeated to the Buddha. On another occasion, Pañcakanga related to the Buddha the conversation he had had with the Paribbājaka Uggāhamāna Samanamandikāputta, and the Buddha preached to him the Samanamandikā Sutta (M.ii.23ff).

The Anuruddha Sutta (M.iii.144ff) contains a discussion between Anuruddha and Abhiya Kaccāna, which took place at Pañcakanga's house, whither he had invited them. The discussion was started by a question asked by Pañcakanga.

Buddhaghosa says (MA.ii.629; SA.iii.86) that Pañcakanga was the Thapati's personal name, and that he was so called ("Five tools") because he carried the five tools of a carpenter: vāsīpharasu (adze), nikhādana (chisel), danda (measuring stick), muggara (gavel), and kālasutta (blackened thread). He explains Thapati by vaddhakī jettha.

Pañcakanga Sutta. See Bahuvedanīya Sutta.

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