The twenty first of the Dīgha Nikāya (D.ii.263 89). Sakka visits the Buddha at the Indasālaguhā in Vediyagiri, and, having obtained leave from the Buddha through Pañcasikha, asks a series of fourteen questions on the causes of

For details of this visit see Sakka. A summary of the Sutta is given at DA.iii.738.

The Sutta also contains the story of the Sākiyan maiden Gopikā. Sakka is greatly pleased with the Buddha's answers, and, together with eighty thousand devas, becomes a sotāpanna.

In order to show his gratitude to Pañcasikha, he obtains for him as his wife, Timbarūs daughter, Bhaddā Suriyavaccasā.

The sutta is quoted by name at S.iii.13.

Buddhaghosa says that the sutta comes under the Vedalla division. DA.i.24; also Gv.67.

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