1. Gopaka.-A Thera. He once stayed at the Kukkutārāma in Pātaliputta, where he was given a set of robes. Vin.i.300.

2. Gopaka.-A king of ninety-one kappas ago; he offered kanavera-flowers to the Buddha. He was a previous birth of Kanaverapupphiya. Ap.i.182.

3. Gopaka.-A deva. He had been a Sākiyan maid of Kapilavatthu named Gopikā (Gopī), who led a virtuous life and, according to the Buddha's teaching, had cultivated the thoughts of a man. After death she was born as a devaputta in Tāvatimsa. There, when he saw monks reborn as Gandhabbas, he rebuked them for having neglected their opportunities. A series of verses attributed to Gopaka are given in the Sakkapañha Sutta. D.ii.271-5.

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