A township where Yasa Kākandakaputta met Soreyya Revata, whom he wished to consult regarding the Ten Points raised by the Vajjiputtakas. Revata had gone there from Soreyya, and Yasa followed him, passing through Sankassa, Kannakujja, Udumbara and Aggalapura. Sahajāti was on the river (Ganges?), and the Vajjiputtakas went there from Vesāli by boat. Vin.ii.299f., 301; Mhv.iv.23 8

In the Anguttara Nikāya (A.iii.355; v.41, 157), Sahajāti is described as a nigama of the Cetis, and Mahā Cunda is mentioned as having stayed there and preached three sermons.

According to the Samyutta, Gavampati also lived there at one time. S.v.436; the text says Sahañcanika, but for a correct reading see KS.v.369, n.3.

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