A district in Jambudīpa; it is mentioned in a list of places passed by the Buddha on his way from Verañjā to Bārānasī, across the Ganges, the route passing through Verañjā, Soreyya, Sankassa, Kannakujja, Payāgatittha, here crossing the river to Benares (Vin.iii.11).

It may have been the very road followed by Revata when going from Sankassa to Sahajāti, this road passing through Kannakujja, Udumbara, and Aggalapura (Vin.ii.299).

In the Dīpavamsa (iii.26; MT. (82) calls it Kannagotta) the city is called Kannagoccha, and is said to have been the capital of nine kings of the Mahāsammata race, the last king being Naradeva.

According to Hiouen Thsang, the distance from Sankassa to Kannakujja was two hundred li, or thirty-three miles, in a north-west direction. Fa Hsien gives the distance as forty-nine miles. (Buddhist Records, p.205; Giles, p.47. For a descriptive account see CAGI.433ff; see also Mtu.ii.442f.; 459f.; 485 and iii.16, 34).

According to the Buddhavamsa Commentary (p.193), it was at Kannakujja that Phussa Buddha first preached to his two chief disciples. Again (BuA.210), it was at the gates of Kannakujja that the Buddha Kakusandha showed the Twin Miracle.

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