1. Sāgara. The personal attendant of Sumedha Buddha. J.i.38; Bu.xii.23.

2. Sāgara. A khattiya, father of Atthadassī Buddha and husband of Sudassanā. He lived in Sobhana (Bu.xv.14; J.i.39). The Apadāna (Ap.i.153; cf. ThagA.i.153) mentions a monk, named Sāgara, a disciple of Atthadassī Buddha, who continued to live after the Buddha's death. The two may have been identical.

3. Sāgara. See Gunasāgara.

4. Sāgara. A king of long ago, mentioned in a list of persons, who, though they held great almsgivings, could not attain beyond the Kāmāvacara worlds (J.vi.99). It is probably the same king that is mentioned in the Bhūridatta Jātaka (J.vi.203) as having become a mahesakkha deva after death.

5. Sāgara. Elder son of Mahāsāgara, king of Uttaramadhurā. Upasāgara was his younger brother. Sāgara was killed by the Andhakavenhuputtā. The story is given in the Ghata Jātaka. J.iv.79f.

6. Sāgara. A king of the line of Mahāsammata. He was the son of Mucalinda and father of Sāgaradeva. Dpv.iii.6; Mhv.ii.3.

7. Sāgara. One of the eminent monks present at the Foundation Ceremony of the Mahā Thūpa. Dpv.xix.8; MT.525.

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