A mountain between Sāvatthi and Sunāparanta. The Buddha stopped there on his way to see Punna in Sunāparanta, and preached to the hermit who lived on the mountain, and who also was called Saccabaddha. At the end of the sermon the hermit became an arahant. From Saccabaddha the Buddha went to Sunāparanta. On the way back to Sāvatthi he stopped at the river Nammadā, and from there he proceeded to Saccabaddha, where he left his footprint on the hard stone as clear as on kneaded clay. From Saccabaddha he returned to Jetavana. (SA.iii.17f.; MA.ii.1017f).

There is in Siam a sacred mountain called Saccabandhava, which holds a footprint of the Buddha, said to have appeared there miraculously. Perhaps it is to be identified with the above. King Dhammika of Siam sent a model of this footprint, together with other gifts, to Kittisiri rājasīha, king of Ceylon. Cv. c. 253; Cv.Trs.ii.295, n. 2.

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