1. Nammadā

A river in India, (J.ii.314; iv.392,397) the modern Nerbudda. It was regarded as the boundary between Uttarāpatha and Dakkhināpatha. There the Buddha left his footprint to be worshipped by the Nāgas. This footprint is covered by high tide but visible at low tide. MA.ii.1018; for details see Punna.

2. Nammadā

A Nāga king who dwelt in the river Nammadā. When the Buddha returned after his visit to Punna and reached the Nammadā river, the Nāga king invited the Buddha to his abode and there showed the Buddha and his monks great honour. At the Nāga's request, the Buddha left his footprint on the bank of the river for the Nāgas to worship. MA.ii.1018; SA.iii.18.

3. Nammadā

A canal flowing from the Punnavaddhana tank through the Jetavana vihāra in Pulatthipura. Cv.lxxix.48.

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