1. Sudhammā. An aggasāvikā (great disciple) of Atthadassī Buddha. Bu.xv.20; J.i.39.

2. Sudhammā. The queen consort of Renu, king of Uttarapañcāla. See the Somanassa Jātaka. She is identified with Mahāmāyā. J.i.453.

3. Sudhammā. One of the four wives of Magha. When Magha and his companions were building a rest house for travellers, they did not wish women to have any share in the work. But Sudhammā bribed the carpenter, who made a pinnacle of seasoned wood for the building and laid it aside with the words: "Sudhammā nāma ayam sālā." When the time for the erection of the pinnacle came, he told Magha and the others that it was impossible to make a pinnacle then, as it must be of well seasoned wood. A search was started for a seasoned pinnacle. Sudhammā agreed to give hers if she were allowed a share in the building. The men were at first unwilling, but in the end gave their consent.

After death, Sudhammā, was born in Tāvatimsa, and, because of her merit in the past, there came into being for her Sudhammā, the Moot Hall of the Devas, nine hundred leagues in extent (DhA.i.269f., 274f.; J.i.201f). There the Devas hold their meetings on the eighth day of each month, or when the Dhamma is preached, and also all their important festivals and gatherings (See, e.g., D.ii.268; M.ii.79; S.i.221; J.vi.97, 126; Thag.vs.1198). All Buddhas preach the Abhidhamma in the Sudhammā-hall. It is said (ThagA.ii.185) that every devaloka has a Sudhammā-sabhā; this title is often used in comparisons to denote a fine hall.

4. Sudhammā. The sixth daughter of Kiki, king of Benares. She is identified sometimes with Mahāmāyā (E.g., J.vi.481) and sometimes with Dhammadinnā. E.g., Ap.ii.546, 548; ThigA.104, 114.

5. Sudhammā Therī. An arahant. She lived in the time of Kassapa Buddha. At the Buddha's wish, she took a branch of the Bodhi tree with her and planted it in the Mahāsāgaruyyāna in Ceylon. Dpv.xvii.19f.; Mhv.xv.147f.

6. Sudhammā. A class of Devas belonging to the Tāvatimsa devanikāya. VvA.258.

7. Sudhammā. Mother of Sobhita Buddha. Bu.vii.16; J.i.35.

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