1. Sudhamma. The city of birth of Sobhita Buddha. Bu.vii.16; J.i.35.

2. Sudhamma. A king, father of Sobhita Buddha. Bu. vii.16.

3. Sudhamma. The park in which Sobhita Buddha was born and in which he preached his first sermon. Bu.vii.16.

4. Sudhamma. A park in Sudhammavatī City, where Sujāta Buddha held his first assembly of monks. BuA.169.

5. Sudhamma Thera. He lived in Macchikāsanda, in a monastery (the Ambātakārāma) provided by Citta. Citta used to invite Sudhamma to his house for meals. One day Sāriputta, at the head of several eminent monks, visited Macchikāsanda and stayed in the monastery. Citta heard Sāriputta preach (and became a sakadāgāmin, says DhA), and, at the end of the sermon, invited him and the monks to his house the next day. He also invited Sudhamma, but because he had been invited after the others, Sudhamma refused to go. Early the next day he visited Citta's house to see what offerings had been prepared, and after seeing them, remarked that one thing was missing: sesame cakes (tilasangulikā). Then Citta rebuked him, comparing him to a crow, the offspring of a cock and a crow. Sudhamma left the house in anger, and going to Sāvatthi, reported the matter to the Buddha. The Buddha blamed Sudhamma and said that the Sangha should pass the patisārānīyakamma on him. Sudhamma, thereupon, went to Macchikāsanda to ask pardon of Citta, but Citta would not forgive him. The Buddha then gave him a companion, and together they went to Citta, and Sudhamma again asked pardon for his fault. Citta pardoned him and asked to be pardoned himself (Vin.i.15-20; cf. DhA.ii.74ff). Later Sudhamma became an arahant. AA.i.210.

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