A grove at Macchikāsanda, belonging to Cittagahapati. Being pleased with the Elder Mahānāma of Macchikāsanda, Citta invited him to a meal, and after listening to his discourse, gave the grove to the Order. At the dedication of the gift the earth trembled. Later he built a splendid monastery there, the Ambātakārāma, for the use of monks from all parts (AA.i.209; DhA.ii.74). It became the residence of large numbers of monks, and discussions often took place there between Cittagahapati and the resident Bhikkhus (S.iv.281-97).

Among eminent Elders who visited the place were

Behind Ambataka was Migapathaka, which was Citta's tributary village (SA.iii.93) (v.l. Ambālavana).

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