A town in Kosala (D.ii.316), near which was Ukkattha.

The Anguttara Nikāya (A.ii.37) records a conversation between the Buddha and the brahmin Dona, whom the Buddha met on the road from Ukkattha to Setavyā. The city was on the road, taken by Bāvarī's disciples (SN.vs.1012), from Sāvatthi to Rājagaha, and was the first halting place outside Sāvatthi. Beyond it were Kapilavatthu, Kusinārā, Pāvā, etc.

To the north of Setavyā was the Simsapāvana, where Kumāra Kassapa lived, and where he preached the Pāyāsi Sutta to the brahmin Pāyāsi, who held a royal fief there (D.ii.316).

The city was the birthplace of the Theras Ekadhammasavaniya and Mahākāla. Mahākāla's brothers Cūlakāla and Majjhimakāla also lived there (DhA.i.55).

The Anguttara Commentary (AA.ii.504) says that Kassapa Buddha was born in Setavyā, but both the Buddhavamsa and its Commentary say that he was born in Benares (Bu.xxv.33; BuA.217). The Buddhavamsa Commentary (BuA.223) records further that Kassapa died in the Setārāma in Setavyā , but adds that Setavyā was a city in Kāsi.

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