1. Cūla-Kāla.-The youngest of three brothers, named Kāla, house-holders of Setavyā. He accompanied Mahā-Kāla to Sāvatthi with a caravan, and when Mahā-Kāla entered the Order he joined him. Later, as they were returning to Setavyā, this time with the Buddha and the monks, he was sent on ahead to arrange seats in his former house, whither the Buddha and the monks had been invited. His two erstwhile wives mocked at him and persuaded him to return to the lay-life. DhA.i.55ff

2. Cūla-Kāla.-A previous birth of Aññā-Kondañña. He was a house-holder of Hamsavatī, in the time of Vipassī Buddha. One day going to the rice-field, he hulled a kernel of rice, ate it and found it unusually sweet. He thereupon obtained his share of the field from his brother Mahā-Kāla, and gave to the Buddha and the monks the first-fruits of a single crop, nine times, at nine different stages (DhA.i.82). He thus became the first to gain any attainment when Gotama Buddha preached his first sermon (DhA.i.8ff).

3. Cūla-Kāla.-A lay disciple of the Buddha. He was once on his way back to Sāvatthi, having spent the night in listening to the Doctrine, when thieves, fleeing from their pursuers, threw their stolen goods in front of him and disappeared. When he was charged with theft, some women water-carriers, who had witnessed the incident on their way to the watering place, obtained his release. DhA.iii.157.

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