1. Potthapāda

A Paribbājaka. A discussion between him and the Buddha on trance and on the soul, which took place in Mallikārāma in Sāvatthi, is reported in the Potthapāda Sutta. Potthapāda, accepting the Buddha's views, was jeered at by his companions for doing so. Two or three days later he again visited the Buddha with Citta Hatthisāriputta, when the Buddha continued the earlier discussion on personality and the soul. At the end of the discourse Potthapāda became the Buddha's follower (D.i.178ff). Potthapāda is identified with Pukkusa of the Mahā Ummagga Jātaka. J.vi.478.

2. Potthapāda

The Bodhisatta born as a parrot. For his story see the Rādha Jātaka (1). J.i.495f.

3. Potthapāda

A parrot, younger brother of Rādha, the Bodhisatta. Potthapāda is identified with Ananda. For his story see the Rādha Jātaka (2). J.ii.132 ff.

4. Potthapāda

A parrot born as the younger brother of the Bodhisatta and identified with Ananda. For their story see Kālabāhu Jātaka. J.iii.97 ff.; see also J.iv.129.

5. Potthapāda Thera

In the past he was born as Sunetta, son of King Kitava, and because he insulted a Pacceka Buddha he was reborn in Avīci. Later he was born in a family of fishermen near Kundinagara, but, remembering his past lives, he refused to take part in any fishing. His parents therefore cast him out, but Ananda, finding him starving, gave him food, and, at the Buddha's suggestion, ordained him. He soon became an arahant and dwelt with twelve others in Sānavāsipabbata. Potthapāda's kinsmen became petas, and his parents sent to him a brother, of whom Potthapāda was specially fond, to plead for his intervention. He therefore begged alms, and offered them to his colleagues in the name of his kinsmen, who thus regained happiness. Pv.iii.2; PvA.177 ff.

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