Once the Bodhisatta was a parrot named Rādha and his brother was Potthapāda.

They were captured by a fowler and brought to the court of Dhanañjaya, king of Benares, where they were paid great attention. Later, a monkey, Kālabāhu (a previous birth of Devadatta), was added to the collection of animals, and the people in the palace lost interest in the parrots, much to the annoyance of Potthapāda. Soon, however, the children became frightened of the monkey's tricks and he was sent away, just as Rādha had prophesied to his brother.

Ananda was Potthapāda, and Devadatta, Kālabāhu.

The story was told in reference to Devadatta's attempt to kill the Buddha by letting loose Nālāgiri. J.iii.97ff

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