1. Pāvārikambavana

The Mango grove of Pāvārika of Kosambī.

2. Pāvārikambavana

A Mango grove at Nālandā where the Buddha stayed when on a visit there (E.g., D.ii.81).

It was there that he preached the Kevatta Sutta, the Sampasādaniya Sutta and the Upāli Sutta. Among those who visited the Buddha there are mentioned Kevaddha, Upāligahapati and Asibandhakaputta.

The grove belonged to a setthi named Pāvārika, who is distinguished from the setthi of the same name at Kosambī by being described as Dussapāvārika (E.g., DA.ii.873; MA.i.540; SA.iii.169). (? Pāvārika the milliner, q.v.).

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