1. Pāvārika, Pāvāriya

A king. When Pañcapāpā was sent down the river by her husband Baka, Pāvāriya rescued her and took her as his wife. Baka, hearing of this, threatened war, and it was arranged by the ministers of the two kings that Pañcapāpā should live as the wife of them both, spending one week in the house of each. J.v.443f.

2. Pāvārika

A setthi of Kosambī, friend of Ghosita and Kukkuta. When these three went to Sāvatthi to invite the Buddha to Kosambī, they erected three monasteries to accommodate the Buddha and his monks. The one built by Pāvārika was in his Mango grove (ambavana) and, is referred to as Pāvārikārāma and Pāvārikambavana. DA.i.319; AA.i.234f.; MA.i.541; DhA.i.203ff.

3. Pāvārika

See Dussapāvārika.

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