1. Kukkuta.-One of three bankers of Kosambī, the others being Ghosaka and Pāvārika. Having heard from some ascetics, whom they had entertained, of the appearance of the Buddha, they went with these ascetics to Sāvatthi, each carrying offerings in five hundred carts. Having heard the Buddha preach, they became sotāpannas. They gave alms to the Buddha for a fortnight, and then, with his permission, returned to Kosambī. They built monasteries in their gardens for the use of the Buddha and his monks, that built by Kukkuta being called the Kukkutārāma. The Buddha stayed one day at a time in each monastery, and on that day accepted the hospitality of its founder. DA.i.318f; DhA.i.203ff; AA.i.234f; PsA.414.

It is said (MA.i.540f) that the bankers built a monastery for each league on the road between Sāvatthi and Kosambī for the use of the Buddha during his journeys.

2. Kukkuta.-A frontier town near Himavā; the capital of a kingdom three hundred leagues in extent, where Mahā Kappina once ruled. There were three rivers to cross on the way from Kukkuta to Sāvatthi (ThagA.i.507f; Ap.ii.469). See also Kukkutavatī.

3. Kukkuta.-A rock near Himavā. Seven Pacceka Buddhas once lived there. ThagA.i.216; Ap.i.178.

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