A naked ascetic of Vesāli who went about claiming to have greater mystic powers than the Buddha, and thereby much impressed Sunakkhatta.

Pātikaputta had prophesied that, after death, the Licchavi general Ajita would be born in Mahā Niraya, but Ajita was born in Tāvatimsa and accused Pātikaputta of being a liar. Later, the Buddha visited the hermitage of Pātikaputta, with a large following, in order to refute his claims, but Pātikaputta avoided him and went to the Tindukhānuparibbājakārāma. A message was sent to him asking him to come as the Buddha was at his hermitage, but Pātikaputta was unable to arise from his seat. Thereupon, a Licchavi minister, and, after him, Jāliya Dārupattikantevāsi, went to fetch him, but on discovering that he could not rise, they reviled him for his boastfulness. A.iii.13ff.

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