1. Ajita.-A monk. He devoted his time to explaining the Pātimokkha rules to the monks. At the time of the Second Council he was a monk of ten years' standing and was appointed to assign seats to the Theras. Vin.ii.305

2. Ajita.-A paribbājaka who visited the Buddha, and at whose instigation the Buddha preached to the Bhikkhus on the difference between dhamma and adhamma. A.v.229ff.

3. Ajita.-A brahmin, the Bodhisatta in the time of Sobhita Buddha. J.i.35.

4. Ajita.-General of the Licchavis and follower of the Buddha. Immediately after his death he was born in Tāvatimsa; he visited the Buddha to refute a statement made about him by the naked ascetic Pātikaputta to the effect that he had been born in the Mahāniraya as a result of having followed the teaching of the Buddha. D.iii.15-16; DA.iii.825.

5. Ajita-mānava

6. Ajita.-Thera (Ap.i.335ff), probably to be identified with Ajita (5), but the story of his past differs completely from that of Ajita-mānava given in the Thag. Commentary. In the time of the Buddha Padumuttara he lit a lamp in front of the Enlightened One. As a result of this he enjoyed happiness in heaven for 60,000 kappas, and when he was born from Tusita in this Buddha-age there was a great light on the day of his birth. He is stated to have been a disciple of Bāvarī (Ap.i.337, 28), but he heard of the Buddha while in Himavā. Later he became an arahant.

7. Ajita.-The lay name of Metteya Buddha in his last birth, when he will attain Enlightenment. Anāgata-Vamsa, pp. 43, 45, 56.

8. Ajita.-A Pacceka-Buddha who lived ninety-one kappas ago. Dāsaka Thera, in a previous birth, gave him mangoes to eat (Ajina). ThagA.i.68.

9. Ajita.-A brahmin, a previous birth of Citapūjaka Thera; he offered flowers to Sikhī Buddha. Ap.i.243.

Ajita Sutta.-Preached by the Buddha to Ajita the Paribbājaka on the difference between dhamma and adhamma. A.v.229ff.

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