1. Pandu

Ancestor of the Pāndavas (Cv.lxiv.43). The name is also for those who claimed to belong to that dynasty -  e.g., in the case of the kings of Madhurā. E.g., Mhv.vii.50. See also Pandū.

See also Pandurājā.

2. Pandu

A Sākiyan, son of Amitodana; he was the father of Bhaddakaccānā and her six brothers. On learning from soothsayers of the impending destruction of the Sākiyans by Vidūdabha, Pandu left the Sākiyan country and settled beyond the Ganges. Mhv.viii.18 f.; Dpv.x.i.

His wife was Susīmā. MT. 275.

3. Pandu

See Panduputta.

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