1. Pandava

The horse of Sāma, king of Benares; his trainer was Giridanta (J.ii.98). See Giridanta Jātaka.

2. Pandava (Pandavapabbata)

A hill near Rājagaha, tinder the shadow of which the Buddha ate his meal when he begged alms in Rājagaha, soon after leaving home. J.i.66; SN.vs.414; DhA.i.85; Thag.vs.41, 1167; Mtu.ii.198, etc.

It is said (SNA.ii.383f) that ascetics lived on its eastern slope. It seems formerly to have borne another name (M.iii.68). Pandava was one of the halting-places of Sīvalī Thera when on his way to the Himālaya. AA.i.139.

3. Pandava

Adjective from Pandu. E.g., Cv.lxxxvii.29.

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