A Sākiyan village three leagues from Nangaraka (M.ii.119).

Pasenadi when staying there with Dīgha Kārāyana, heard that the Buddha was there and visited him. On this occasion was preached the Dhammacetiya Sutta. This was the last time that Pasenadi saw the Buddha.

The Dhammapada Commentary, however, in its record (DhA.i.356) of the king's visit, calls the place Ulumpa. On the other hand, the Majjhima Commentary (MA.ii.753) confirms the reading Medatalumpa, and says that it was so called because medavanna stones were visible there on the surface of the earth (medavannā pāsānā kir'ettha ussannā ahesum, tasmā Medatalumpan ti sankham gatam).

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