1. Dīgha-Kārāyana.-Nephew of Bandhula, commander-in-chief of Pasenadi. After Bandhula's death, Dīgha was appointed in his place and accompanied the king. Once, during their travels, they came to Nangaraka (Ulumpa says DhA.iii.356) and, hearing that the Buddha was at Medatalumpa, went to see him, but Dīgha stayed outside while the Buddha talked to Pasenadi (M.ii.118f; MA.ii.753f; J.iv.151).

The Dhammapada Commentary (i.355ff) adds that Dīgha went about reviling the king for the murder of his uncle, and that when Pasenadi went in to the Buddha, leaving the royal insignia in Dīgha's charge, the latter saw his chance of revenge. He left Pasenadi, hastened to Vidūdabha and crowned him king. He then returned to Sāvatthi, leaving for Pasenadi only a single horse and one female servant. It was this treachery which led to Pasenadi's untimely death.

2. Dīgha-Kārāyana.-A minister of Bhātiya (Bhātikābhaya?). He was a very learned brahmin and was appointed by the king to settle a dispute between the residents of the Mahāvihāra and the Abhayagiri, regarding the charge brought against Dabba-Mallaputta by the nun Mettiyā. He decided in favour of the Mahāvihāra residents (Sp.iii.583).

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