1. Mahārakkhita Thera. He went after the Third Council to the Yona country, and there preached the Kālakārama Sutta. One hundred and seventy thousand people adopted the Buddha's faith and ten thousand entered the Order. Mhv.xii.5, 39; Dpv.viii.9; Sp.i.64, 67.

2. Mahārakkhita. An ascetic in Himavā. See the Somanassa Jātaka. He is identified with Sāriputta. J.iv.454.

3. Mahārakkhita Thera. Incumbent of Uparimandalaka ( See Mahā-Sangharakkhita (3).

4. Mahārakkhita Thera. When told by his patron that the latter had given a robe to a certain monk, he praised him; when the man offered to give him one, he praised that likewise. MA.ii.666.

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