Mahā Sangharakkhita

1. Mahā Sangharakkhita Thera. An arahant. He came, with forty thousand others, from Dakkhināgiri vikāra in Ujjeni, to the Foundation Ceremony of the Mahā Thūpa (Mhv.xxix.35) and took up his position at the western entrance. MT. 530.

2. Mahā Sangharakkhita. A monk of Corakandaka vihāra; one of those who accepted the meal given by Prince Sāliya in his previous birth as a blacksmith. MT. 606.

3. Mahā Sangharakkhita. Called Malayavāsi Mahā Sangharakkhita or Uparimandalakamalayavāsī. Tissabhūti went to him, on finding his mind corrupted by sinful thoughts, and having received from Sangharakkhita a topic of meditation, he attained to arahantship (AA.i.23f.; MA.i.55). He was one of the last of the arahants. J. L. Makārakkhira. J.iv.490; vi.30.

4. Mahā Sangharakkhita. Mentioned in the Commentaries as being free from impurities. E.g., MA.i.525; Vsm.104; DhSA.268.

5. Mahā Sangharakkhita Thera. When over sixty years old and about to die, his companions questioned him on his transcendental attainment. "I have none," he replied. A young monk who waited on him said that people had come from twelve yojanas round in the belief that he had attained Nibbāna. He then asked that he should be raised up and left alone. As soon as the others left him, he snapped his fingers to show that he had attained arahantship. He confessed that he had never done anything without mindfulness and understanding. His nephew also attained arahantship only after fifty years of age. Vsm.47f.

6. Mahā-Sangharakkhita.-An arahant thera who preached to Rūpadevī (q.v.).

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