1. Kukkura Jātaka (No 22).-Because his carriage straps, left in the rain, are gnawed by his own dogs, the king of Benares orders all dogs except his own to be killed indiscriminately. The Bodhisatta, who is the leader of the pack of dogs in the cemetery, visits the king, points out to him his iniquity, and reveals the truth by causing an emetic to be administered to the king's dogs. Having convinced the king, the Bodhisatta teaches him the ten stanzas of Righteousness found in the Tesakuna Jātaka (dhammañ cara mahārāja, etc.) (J.v.123). Great are the benefactions made to dogs thereafter. The Bodhisatta's teaching lasted for ten thousand years under the name of Kukkurovāda.

The king is identified with Ananda (J.i.175ff). The occasion for the story is given in the Bhaddasāla Jātaka.

2. Kukkura Jātaka.-See Kakkara.

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