1. Bhaddasāla. One of the chief disciples of Nārada Buddha (J.i.37; Bu.x.23).

He was a brahmin of Thullakotthita and, together with his friend Vijitamitta, he went in search of the Lake of Immortality (Amatarahada). During their travels they met Nārada Buddha and entered the Order under him, later becoming arahants. BuA.154.

2. Bhaddasāla. A dryad; see the Bhaddasāla Jātaka.

3. Bhaddasāla Thera. An arahant. He accompanied Mahinda to Ceylon (Mhv.xii.7; Dpv.xii. 12, 38; Sp.i. 62, 70). Sirimeghavanna made an image of him and placed it in a shrine near his palace. v.1. Bhaddanāma. Cv.xxxvii.87.

4. Bhaddasāla. A tree in the Rakkhitavanasanda in the Pārileyyaka forest where the Buddha stayed during his retirement. Ud.iv.5; Vin.i.352.

5. Bhaddasāla. A general of King Nanda; he waged war against Candagutta. In that war took place eighty Corpse Danees, where headless corpses arose and danced in frenzy over the battle field. Mil.292.

6. Bhaddasāla Thera. A monk of Ceylon. Mahāsiva was greatly devoted to him, and built for him the Nagarangana vihāra to the east of Anurādhapura. Mhv.xxi.2.

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